Top Down – Let’s Do It

Top Down – Let’s Do It (Recording)


We met this blues-based punk-and-rock-and-roll-spirited-power-trio-formed-in-Portland while making live sound at the loved and missed XB Liebig (which had an unfair and sad ending and so I encourage you by the way to read the following: Message to XB-Liebig from Multiversal and Statement of XB collective concerning the eviction on Oct 15th 2017).

This track came out of a 4 hour session we did back in September with my pal and amico Mattia at the Funkhaus’ K4 studio. Three songs were recorded and mixed out of this session but this was the only one released to the moment. Hold on for the rest!! Since we are planning a second session on the following months and that may come out all together on an album :)!

All the instrumental recording was made live and in the same room on a pretty straight-forward setup from which I don’t remember much more than that…

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Top Down – Let’s Do It

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